Self-Advocacy IN HEALTHCARE 

HealthShare is about your commitment and personal responsibility to an improved Quality of Life.  Learn valuable information each week. Develop your  plan, gather your healthcare data to be prepared for every MD visit, clinic visit, hospital stay, PT or OT visit. Learn to  get the best care from all your healthcare services. You will get better care……….guaranteed!

HealthCare Self-Advocacy is the best way to gather the knowledge, you need, to build a healthy life and earn a great quality of life. Best lives are 75 percent preparation and awareness and 25 percent implementation.

HealthShare is here to help!  We can be your resource.  Our articles will guide you and help answer many of your questions.  Read and learn to  guide your decision making process,  as it impacts your better lifestyle decisions.

Any and all suggestions should be reviewed by your personal healthcare provider.

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