Health Share is a Sun City Lakes group in Indian Land, SC which is focused on helping SCCL residents improve their Quality of Life in their senior years.  Here on our website you will learn valuable information to develop a health care plan, organize your health care records and be prepared for every MD visit, clinic visit or hospital stay. Through learning to get the best care from all your healthcare service providers, you will get better care guaranteed!

Advocacy for oneself in healthcare is essential for ensuring that the healthcare system is responsive, equitable, and focused on promoting the well-being of individuals.

Health Share is here to help!  Learn how to guide your decision-making process, and improve your lifestyle decisions for your best Quality of Life.

Any and all suggestions should be reviewed by your personal healthcare provider.

Healthshare Articles:

  • How Gratitude Will Improve Your Well-being.

    Gratitude is a powerful emotion that can significantly impact mental and physical health. Here’s how practicing gratitude can lead to healing and overall well-being: Incorporating gratitude into daily life can be transformative. Simple practices, like those above, and mindful reflection on positive experiences can lead to significant improvements in mental, emotional, and physical health. By…

  • Olympian Tips

    The Olympics are coming in 27 days!  Try incorporating these Olympian tips into your daily routine for a healthier lifestyle: By integrating these practices, you can enhance your health and well-being, just like Olympians do.

  • R U Aging Gracefully?

    Is ageing gracefully a pipe dream? If you make the following small changes in your life & incorporate into you daily practice…. you will see an improvement. Sail On! Keep your mind active. Learn new skills, read regularly, do puzzles, or take up a hobby to maintain cognitive function. Do as much with your non-dominant…

  • Only Humans

    Why does time fly when you are having fun? The brain perceives time based on our expectations. It anticipates the future by calculating the probable outcome of what may be coming next. Our sense of time, according to neuroscientists believe, based in our anticipation of the future outcomes. When you are engrossed in brain stimulating…

  • 5 Mood Boosters for Humanity

    Here are 5 mood boosters that can help lift our human spirits in todays Us vs Them society. Be determined to incorporate these mood boosters in our daily lives, cultivate a more positive outlook and contribute to a happier, more resilient humanity.

  • Hearing and Balance Connection

    Many of your body’s systems play a role in balance but your “vestibular labyrinth” also know as your inner ear is your body’s primary balance organ.  This means that problems with your inner ear can cause both hearing loss and balance problems. Dizziness and vertigo can be caused by several things: inner ear disorders, medications,…