Your Self Advocacy Training Site.

 We hope your move to Sun City in South Carolina has come with many blessings of  the great weather, lots to do while exploring  and the best gift of making new friends.  HealthShare is about your commitment and personal responsibility to improved Quality of Life.  

Self Advocacy is the best way to prepare for gathering the knowledge you need to live a healthy life> Best lives are 75 percent preparation and awareness and 25 percent implementation.


 HEALTHSHARE is here to help you create your own personal Healthcare Notebook.   You will find that if you are prepared and are more  knowledgeable as a  patient, it will increases your doctors ability to support of your Quality of Life!  You can start any time to take the first step on a journey that will make a profound change in your future, promise.

HealthShare is here to help!  We want to be your guide. HealthShare will answer many of the questions that seem to challenge we age in place.  HealthShare will guide your decision making process as it impacts your healthy lifestyle decisions for  the better in the future.  The information presented here is developed via online gathering and  presentations shared by our monthly speakers, at our  HealthShare meetings, on the first Thursday of the month.

 Any and all suggestions should be reviewed by your personal healthcare provider.

Please sign-in here to get updates, as we share them.   We are here to help answer some of your questions, as well as,  give you directions to securing the information or help when you do need it.  Asking the right questions is critical in getting good outcomes. We want you  to be the best Healthcare Advocate you can be for yourself and those important people in your life.