Hearing and Balance Connection

Hearing and Balance Connection

Many of your body’s systems play a role in balance but your “vestibular labyrinth” know as your inner ear is your body’s primary balance organ.  This means that problems with your inner ear can cause both hearing loss and balance problems. Dizziness and vertigo can be caused by several things: inner ear disorders, medications, poor circulations, and blood pressure problems. 

Balance Exercises

  1. Weight Shifts   Find a safe space where you can hold on.  Stand feet shoulder length apart, lift one foot off the floor 10-12 inches for 30 seconds. Then stand shifting weight from one side to another and hold other foot off the floor.
  2. Single-Leg Balance Standing in a safe place, lift one leg bending at the knee 90 degrees. Hold for 30 seconds Repeat with other leg.
  3. Try these exercises 5-10 times several times a day.

Hearing Loss Communication.  

  1. Face the person you are conversing with.
  2. When speaking on the phone make sure all ambient sounds like music and TV are off.
  3. Control background noise. Go to restaurants at off-peak times, ask for a quiet table with good lighting.
  4. Use visual cues. Rather than trying to catch every word focus on the overall message.
  5. Ask for help. Let people know what hearing strategies work for you.

Get hearing aids as soon as recommended.  Always, updated, as hearing changes. Most importantly, if you having hearing aids WEAR THEM ALL THE TIME. Occasional use defeats the purpose and makes hearing more difficult.

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