4 Horsemen of Memory Loss

4 Horsemen of Memory Loss

The following are the 4 horsemen of memory loss development. Each in itself is a sign but together they need immediate attention. This research at Johns Hopkins reveals that experts don’t know how to prevent Alzheimer disease. Recently, some evidence showed that detecting the disease early can lead to better treatment options.

A. Personality shifts
B. Clumsiness
C. Confusion
D. Inability to recognize sarcasm
E. All the above

When you recognize any of these personality challenges happening in someone you know, a professional (neurologist) should be consulted.
There are many interventions that have been recently targeted in clinical research studies, aimed at preventing the onset of early Alzheimer’s disease.

The primary areas of prevention that may slow memory loss in early stages of Alzheimer’s include:

  • Changing modifiable risk factors such as losing weight and quitting smoking
  • Cognitive activities: learning something new, playing music and reading.
  • Diet and nutrition like the MIND diet.
  • Getting enough sleep each day
  • Physical exercise, walking has the highest rate of benefits
  • Recognition of other high-risk factors, such as diabetes and high blood pressure.

Awareness and lack of denial are the primary influencers for any care giver being able to move forward into any treatment available. Move a muscle, change a thought.

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