9 Tips to Charge Your Immune System

9 Tips to Charge Your Immune System

Coming out of a year’s quarantine, we all have the immune system of a 3-month-old baby.  No fighting skills at all.  Now, that many of us have been vaccinated, we are venturing out into the world at large.  Visiting friends, family, playing golf, tennis, doing water aerobics, all good for us. Remember to reengage your immune system, daily.  Build it back up, so any germs we encounter out there will be quickly dispatched.

                                    9 Tips To Charge Your Immune System

The following are suggestions for being a better you ………. every day!

  • Get vaccinated.
  • Work up a sweat: like brisk walking helps immune system fight respiratory viruses.
  • Get enough sleep: If you get less than 6 hours of sleep you are 4 times more likely to get sick.
  • Clean Up your diet: Eat a daily diet rich in lo-fat protein, fruits, veggies, whole grains, EVOO. Limit sugar (read labels: sugar is in almost everything.)
  • Load up on Vitamin D: Sunshine (remember sunscreen).
  • Take all prescription medication as prescribed.
  • Keep check on alcohol consumptions, as alcohol prevents your immune system doing its job.
  • Don’t Smoke… Period
  • Practice a Hobby: Learn something new every day. Try and learn to do one thing a day with your non dominant hand.  Research has proved that mind stimulating activities increase levels of cytokines, immune systems protein.

          Try ‘Em ……….Feel better ……….Feel Strong………..Be the Best You!!

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