Glass 1/2 Full or 1/2 Empty?

Glass 1/2 Full or 1/2 Empty?

As we approach a year of the COVID, perhaps, it is time to check our approach to life.  Is your glass half-full or half-empty? Check your perception and see if it is time to get a smaller glass (fewer expectations)? Control your life by understanding:  what you can do, what you must do, and recognize the gifts that you have gained over the last year.  Yep, we all know and act differently today. Understanding, we are never going back to pre- 2020 “normal” so do advance recon for your new approach.

A definition of crisis is “a difficult or dangerous time in which an immediate solution is needed”. “Crisis” has been written more, spoken more, and read more than any year in memory. Is your daily life a reflection of crisis mode?

Perception is defined as “the state of being or process of becoming aware of something through our senses.” Our perception is 100% accurate to US.  However, our perception of a crisis can be similar to our glass half empty or full concept. If we feel are always running on ½ empty, perhaps it is time to look for a smaller glass.  A smaller glass (less expectation) may be an appropriate way to handle our perception of this year of crisis. The following approach is a guideline to handle a crisis.  See if your perception of what you CAN DO to fill your glass is enough.

Steps to awareness:

Assess. First, take a step back; take a few deep breaths; whatever it takes to restore your calm, so you can think clearly.  Best to STOP the media overload. Fill the glass with a plan and recognition of what is good in your life. See if a smaller glass is what is best for you to be able to control or change your perception of your life just for now.

Engage. Engage all your key persons. Involve your key insiders, so those with a vested interest won’t feel like they were kept out of the loop. Check to see if you have added or lost contact with supportive people in your life?  Be open to all with your concerns.  Fill your glass by seeking solutions from those you trust.

Plan. Once you have a clear picture of what may be a worst-case scenario, plan. You know, if you do get sick what are your plans? Pre-planning enables you to act quickly, confidently, and effectively when the time comes to act. Living a healthy life is 75% preparation and 25% implementation. Make your plan with that in mind. Work on getting vaccinated, until you are then laminate your card.

Act. Take a step back and see if you are being proactive, not reactive–obvious in theory but difficult in practice.  Are you keeping up with your medications, doing what exercise you are able, eating correctly, and getting sleep, as well as connecting with others daily? Objective planning leads to a calm and confident approach.

Communicate. Communicate transparently and honestly. Perception is everything. Staying in touch with others is most important. A call to check on a friend “How are you doing” will benefit both parties.

So, your glass may not be ½ empty, it may be your, perception that is faulty. In this time of perceived on-going crisis, we need to step up our recognition of our perception of our daily lives. Fill your glass each day, with your “CAN DO’S” or reset your perception to a smaller glass to overfill!

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