Got Pioneer Spirit?

Got Pioneer Spirit?

How do we embrace a pioneer spirit, as we venture into the new world?  The simplest way is to create a confident and resilient self.

Can you adapt a pioneer spirit? Find simple ways to move out into our new world. Our world is changed forever. We must embrace adaptability to benefit and learn.

  1. Try a new thing. There are many documented benefits to changing things up and doing something new. The best, include mental, social, and physical engagements. A trick we heard is eating part of your meal with your eyes closed, start at home, of course.  Listen to a new kind of music. Read a biography instead of a novel.  Even walk in the opposite direction from your usual.
  2. Set some new goal. Write it down.  Tell a friend your plan. Document your progress. According to research those that set and share goals have a much higher success rate.
  3. Less stuff in your life. Happiness does not come with the things that you have but from life experiences. Gathering those life experiences, rather than material goods, will increase both your satisfaction and well being
  4. Put out a helping hand. Helping another person serves double purpose of helping them and boosting your mental health as well. Giving of your talents gives a sense of belonging and connection within your community.
  5. Step up to risks. Take calculated risks. Start small, try a new recipe. Move on to treating a new friend to coffee or a drink. Mend fences with a friend you may have parted ways with long ago.
  6. Stand tall. A secret of self confidence is adjusting your posture. Sitting and standing straight will present a positive attitude. You appear more confident.

Say Thanks! Be grateful for what you do have in your life. A study done at University of Pennsylvania found that writing something positive about events and topics had a long-lasting effect many months after the event occurred. Ignore the sad.  Pause during the day to be grateful for what is going well. You will reap far reaching benefits that will last for months

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