Kill Pollen = Put Pillow in Dryer!!

Kill Pollen = Put Pillow in Dryer!!

                               PUT YOUR PILLOW IN THE DRYER!

A suggestion for any morning that you wake up with a runny nose, a cough or a stuffy head.   Put your entire pillow in the dryer. Yep!

We all drool and cough into our pillow(s)  at night.   We take medicines during the day when we are feeling badly and then  go back to sleep on a pillow where the germs have been a play and multiplying all day, right!?

So, put pillow (s) in dryer 15 minutes on High as soon as you wake up and before you make the bed.  Plan to routinely put pillow(s) in dryer whenever you wash your sheets, especially during the winter months.

Killing the germs will give YOU the edge on getting better faster…………a  Health Share Promise.

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