A hybrid model combines the benefits of technology and human assistance can certainly be beneficial, leveraging automation and technology where appropriate while also necessitating your advocacy. preparation

  • Automation helps to streamline processes, increase efficiency, and reduce costs.
  • Individuals can focus their resources, including time and money, on areas where human skills, empathy, and understanding are crucial.
  • In healthcare, telemedicine platforms and remote monitoring devices enable patients to access basic medical advice and monitoring from the comfort of their homes, however is only valuable with written preparation.
  • Recording on your phone all healthcare providers is vital.
  • When it comes to complex diagnoses, sensitive discussions, or providing emotional support, the expertise and compassion of healthcare professionals become indispensable. Advocacy=Ask!
  • Hybrid models can allow technology to serve as a valuable tool but only when including documentation by patients
  • Allocating documentation and resources strategically, individuals can optimize their experiences, leveraging technology where it excels and human assistance where it is essential.

Regular reassessment of the balance between technology and human assistance is important. However, good preparation and documentation is the KEY


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