Let’s Talk Salt

Let’s Talk Salt

A Big Thanksgiving dinner is on this week for most of us. Here is your caution: SALT. Salt automatically comes in many processes food and the turkeys are made moist by hi levels of salt.

When your body is craving salt, your body is really looking for good fat!?! WHAT?  Stress and anxiety that usually comes with any big event puts your body in a nutritional high stress mode.

  • When our bodies are on “Hi Rev Mode” your brain and body quickly get depleted of nutrients.
  • Hi Rev times deplete your vitamins and mineral reserves.
  • Your body goes looking for Good Fat for sustained energy.
  • Good fat is essential for cellular functions, as well as brain and heart health.

Simple Solutions::

1.Realize your body would rather get good fat from food than use up its Emergency Reserve.

2. Look at your food intake and see it is evenly spread thoughout the day.

3. Learn to differentiate between your body needs and your body wants.

4. Dehydration eliminate the body’s ability to pick up on the real cues of what it needs, rather than “what you have taste for”.

5. Avoid dehydration by drinking water throughout the day = 3 liters.

6. Realize that “Tummy Rumbles” are the “Migrating Motor Complex” system of your digestive tract moving as a well running self-cleaning oven.

7. Be in-tune with your body’s needs, self-regulate to include downtimes of digestion and salt intake.

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