Signs & Symptoms of Heart Attack

Signs & Symptoms of Heart Attack

 Being aware of the signs and symptoms of a HEART ATTACK  can be the most promising start to a quick recovery.  Lives Can Be Saved by know the following information.                                              


A heart attack occurs when the blood supply to the heart muscle is blocked. Heart attacks may start slowly so be aware of the signs :

Discomfort in the chest arm or shoulder with pressure, fullness or squeezing pain that may continue for more than a few minutes.

Chest pain or pressure that comes and returns with increasing intensity or frequency.

Pain may be felt in one or both shoulders, arms or in back jaw and upper abdomen.

Shortness of breath may occur on or before chest pain starts

Some sweating, light headedness and nausea  often accompany the pain.

Women may have different signs and symptoms and often have higher dead rate because of non responsiveness.




The Golden Hours  ( 1st hour) can be a really lifesaving time.

Call 911 immediately Do Not Wait more than 5 minutes.

Have patient chew on 1 regular asperin

Loosen clothing around the neck, chest and waist

Have patient stop doing anything strenuous and rest until ambulance gets there

If patient becomes unconscious  and has not pulse start CPR ( compressions only @ 100 compressions a minute or apply an AED to shock heart.

Have COMPLETE list of medication, including over the counter  & copy of Living Will ready to go to the Emergency Room with patient.

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