Top Tips for Tele-Health Visit

Top Tips for Tele-Health Visit

The pandemic caused tele-health visits to increase into the 100’s of millions. Telehealth is here to stay. Prepare to get the most out of a tele-health visit.

1.Determine with your doctor’s office, that a tele-health call is appropriate for you.

2. Be prepared to provide your doctor with information, they may need to give you to develop your plan of care, lab values you question, change in B/P, change in weight, decrease in output?

3.Have all your current information in front of you, in writing, before the call starts.

4.Make sure your phone and/or computer are equipped to take the call.

5. Do a sound test to make sure you can hear over the computer.

6.Choose a private, quiet room for your appointment, and make sure you have everything you need.

7. Your health care team will ask you questions and work with you to develop a plan of care, in response to the symptoms that you share.

8. Write down the questions, you develop during the call, and get the answers before the doctor hangs.

9. Always ask for the next steps (plural) you should expect after the call

Be Prepared, be your best Self- Advocate!

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