Calm Approach to 2021

Calm Approach to 2021

Be Kind to Yourself about 2020

Plan Ahead to Enjoy 2021

Pursue Mindfulness in the Present Moment

Set Positive Resolutions You Can Keep

Approaching, 2021 needs extra planning for resolutions. When making them, cut some of the stress out by framing them in a positive way. Perhaps, “match every worry with two peaceful thoughts,” or “use deep breathing exercises” when you feel your anxiety rising. Rather than deciding to “stop judging” yourself for having anxiety, strive to increase your self-acceptance. It’s incredibly hard to “stop” doing anything. However, it’s much easier to start doing something new, especially if your goal is specific. Include physical health goals. Try including “improved mental health” in your resolutions this year instead, and be specific about how you’ll accomplish this. It is helpful in reaching out to your loved ones that you are pursuing self-care. Obviously, the easiest way to alleviate anxiety around resolutions is not to make any at all. If the idea of passing on resolutions this year floods you with a sense of relief, give yourself permission to do so or plan star July 4th!

2021 comes with probably more unknowns than in any year in the recent past. Everyone is struggling with anxiety, of some sort, as 2020 exits. There are ways that you can make this holiday more peaceful and enjoyable. Focusing on your needs, honoring your limits, and getting into a deliberately positive frame of mind can help welcome 2021.   Remember, that alcohol can exacerbate sadness and depression. Alcohol causes a chemical reaction creating sleepless nights, depression, and regret a certain recipe for an anxiety-filled disaster of the day ahead.  Do your body a favor and try to limit the amount of alcohol you consume. You can enjoy a drink with friends, but do your best to not overdo it. Your racing thoughts will thank you.

If we have ever needed an “I’ll Pass” on a year, 2020 is it.  We can all find it easy to focus on the things we have struggled with the most. However, instead, challenge ourselves to remember and honor the positive moments of 2020. Take a moment to make a mental checklist of your biggest highlights from this past year. You may need to go back through planners or journals to remember them all, but you’d be surprised at all the wonderful things that occurred that you may have forgotten. Consider exploring what positive lessons you learned this year, how you have grown, what new relationships you’re thankful for, what tasks you accomplished, and what surprised you. Acknowledging your successes in this way can do wonders for your peace of mind and give you a mental boost into 2021.

 It will help to stay mindful during each moment keeping your mind in the present. Enjoy each bite of holiday treats, slowly, and be actively appreciative of ZOOM time with family and friends. Make those phone calls to connect instead of holiday cards, the personal touch for both parties. Mindfulness and gratitude can be great balms for anxiety year-round, but especially as we gleefully kick 2020 to the curb.

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