Best Advice Ever

Best Advice Ever

Think back on the best advice your Nana or Grampa ever gave you.  The sage words of our elder generation can be very timely, as we move into 2021. Grab your best new approach for a better 2021.

  • Think Positive
  • Focus on What Matters
  • Manage your Emotions
  • Find Joy 

Your health is a measure of your capacity to be present. The healthier we are, the more we able to be here, grounded in our bodies, with our hearts open, and our minds quiet and focused. In this state, we are more likely to be functioning more effectively in the world, more in touch with our feelings, and happier. Try the following to improve your health.

Find the positive.

You do have control over your mood. Remember Shakespeare “for nothing is good or bad but our thinking makes it so”. Treasure gratitude, mindfulness, and hope. Positive people have been shown to have greater depth of positive emotion, a greater sense of belonging, and lower incident of depression or stress. If we proceed, as if there will always be enough, that is our decision. Even in this, pandemic our decisions direct our attitude and actions.

Focus on What Matters

Chose only three goals per day to focus on. Declutter both your living area and your mind. Do well what can be done in the next five minutes. The fewer that tasks the fewer the burdens. Then move on the what you can accomplish next. Keep track of all you do. Then review your day to offload your thoughts. Focus on what you did accomplish. Sleep, it is the best medicine, set your routine. Most importantly, say Thank You often to as many and the people in your life will become nicer.

Mange your Emotions

Remember to smile often as it will feel good.  We can tell even under the masks. Set timers to frequently to remind you to move and do quiet breathing. Movement and calm breathing remove tension. Talk to someone, a problem shared is a problem half way to a solution. Look to the future. Learn to think long term. Think steps ahead. Hope is always on the horizon. Hope brings both strength and fortitude.

Find Joy.

Cultivate kindness. People who volunteer, seem to be happier and less depressed. Although “caring” can involve volunteering as part of an organized group or club, it can involve random acts of kindness, reach out to someone who maybe. lonely or is struggling It is known that the happiest people are those that have discovered and practice their unique strengths, virtues to express joy. Then use those strengths and virtues daily for a purpose, that is greater than their own personal goals.  Grateful people have been shown to have greater positive emotion, a greater sense of belonging, and lower incidence of stress. We need that these days, right?

Now congratulate yourself on what you have accomplished, take a time out to breathe. Go find someone to smile at, share the joy it will multiple.

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