Can You Pass This Balance Test?

Can You Pass This Balance Test?

According to STEADI (Stopping Elderly Accidents, Deaths and Injuries) update in 2022 falls were the leading cause of injury related deaths in those over 65.  Only 1 in 4 report falls to their doctors during any appointment.  Slips, unsteadiness and falls may be the symptom of many things including, medication interaction, poor eyesight, and a neurological imbalance, and inner ear infection, loss of sensation in your feet and legs or even poor shoe selection.

 Now be HONEST………1 point for every YES!

1.Have I had a slip or fall in the past 12 months?

2. It has been suggested you use a cane or walker at any time?

3 You sometimes feel unsteady when I walk.

4. A family member says they are worried I might fall.

 5. You need to push on arms of a chair to stand up.

 6. You have trouble judging the depths of curbs or angles?

7. You need to get to the bathroom very quickly.

8. You have lost sensation or have tingling  in my feet.

9. Family has been asking me to “stand up straight”.

10. Some of my medicines make me feel light headed.

11.You take medicine to help me sleep.

12. You don’t swing my arms when I walk.

Now, if your score is 4 or more you need to let your MD know and start a personal campaign to improve.   The best fall prevention, suggests that adults would benefit from exercises designed to help maintain balance during everyday activities like getting out of a chair or avoiding obstacles on a sidewalk, and being able to get up off the floor should you fall. So, put down your test and stand up without holding on to your chair and Step Lively.

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