February Heart Challenge

February Heart Challenge

 Be Challenged…Be Heart Healthy!  

Be nice to your heart as February is Heart Month.  Follow these tips for the month of February and  guaranteed you will feel better, be healthier and make your heart happy, too!

This is a No Lose Challenged   

  1. Don’t add any extra salt to your food… all day.
  2. Smile …….for no reason!
  3. Eat some grilled fish for dinner.
  4. Go for a walk around the block, wave at a stranger!
  5. Have a Green Tea with your meals instead of coffee.
  6. Have one nice piece of good dark chocolate.
  7. Make you housework into exercise, add music & quicken your step.
  8. Learn to read & understand the nutrition labels on canned and frozen food.
  9. Improve your balance …brush your teeth while you balance on one foot.
  10. Learn your percentage of 24 hours a day are sedentary hours: = sleep + any hours not moving on your feet? Anything over 12 is Bad!
  11. Enjoy a honey crisp apple.
  12. Surprise someone and call just to ask “How are you doing”?
  13. No Smoking ……….ALL DAY!
  14.   14.   Put your pillows in the dryer for 20 minutes when you change your sheet= kill germs.
  15.   15.  Do something nice for someone,  in secret.
  16. Make a heart healthy shopping list, do it  after lunch on a full tummy.
  17. Learn your numbers B/P, pulse, sugar, cholesterol and triglycerides and work on them.
  18. Make the Whole Grain connection & use brown rice, barley, faro or quinoa instead of meat.
  19. Have a small handful of nuts, as your snack for the day.
  20. Are you eating 40-60 grams of protein a day? It is best fuel  
  21. Make some slow cooked oatmeal with fruits and nuts & save some for another day.
  22. Strengthen your heart muscle by trying weight training
  23. Eat 5 servings of veggies & fruits today …fresh fruit for dessert
  24. Go play in the dirt!
  25. Avoid second hand smoke.
  26. Fake Fitness….. park on the other side of parking lot or take the stairs instead of elevator.
  27. Organize your day to eliminate stress.
  28. Drink 1/3 of your weight in water .everyday
  29. Be Happy……….Remember you can start the day over anytime!

Now REPEAT all year!

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