Hello, Honey?

Hello, Honey?

Need a little honey in your life? Bring it ON! Folks seem to love honey for the sweet taste.  Honey has been around since we had bees. Exactly how long honey has been in existence is hard to say. Cave paintings in Spain from 7000BC show the earliest records of beekeeping, however, fossils of honey bees date back about 150 million years! A really long time ago, right.

Bees that produce honey (not all do) do it via extraction of the nectar in plants, by a very complex enzymatic process resulting in various shade of golden nectar. The extra good news is that it is healthy too.

When I looked up the history of honey, here are some facts that gave me a BUZZ>.

  1. Honey has natural antibacterial properties. It has been used for millennia as a treatment for ailments ranging from burns, cuts, stomach and throat.
  2. Natural honey is known as a “better sugar” substitute.
  3. When stored in an airtight container natural honey can last indefinitely.
  4. There is a small amount of hydrogen peroxide in natural honey.
  5. Natural honey has antibacterial properties making it inhospitable to bacteria.
  6. Natural honey is the only food produced by insects that humans eat.
  7. Natural honey has all the ingredients our bodies to use daily. like enzymes, vitamins and minerals.
  8. Sad news, a honey bee only produces ½ teaspoon of honey in its whole life.
  9. Natural honey comes in many different flavors, colors and consistency depending on the nectar.
  10. All natural honey has pinocembrin an antioxidant associated with brain health.

Honey has such a sweet and tasty history, that is why it has been called nectar of the Gods for thousands of years.  Go sweeten your day and find some natural honey!

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