Let’s Talk Sugar

Let’s Talk Sugar

Over the past few months, we have been indulging in the special sugary treats that bring back memories of the past. Now you need to cut back, right? Here are some facts and fixes from American Diabetic Association.

  • Understanding that your body has been “normalized” into having to deal with HIGH insulin levels. Insulin is the hormones that allows your body to use glucose ( sugar) for energy.
  • After glucose levels rise, messages are sent to your pancreas to release insulin.
  • When insulin floods the body your energy dips. The cycle continues as you desire more sweets.
  • The FIX is protein and good fats, that help prevent craving more sugar.
  • Protein and fat help to neutralize the amount of insulin your body uses to break down the sugar (cravings as well).
  • Dehydration is a factor a it is a clue from your body. Craving sugar STOP and ,have a large glass of water first.
  • Reach for fruits, nut, raw veggies and seeds BEFORE you reach for the cookie.
  • These high nutrient foods are harder to digest which keeps your digestion stimulated and keep you awake instead of craving the after sugar treat nap.

What do you have to lose? Try a few of the above and see your body respond to a healthier new you in 2022!

More information @ scclhs.com

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