Med Cabinet Reboot

Med Cabinet Reboot

How does your medicine cabinet look?  Bet you have more medications and supplements at the end of 2020, than ever before, right.

Start the year right! Make a list of EVERYTHING, including all supplements, take it to a pharmacist and ask them to do a forensic review. You may have received many prescriptions, from different providers over the year. Plus, this year you have been taking more over-the-counter meds and supplements, right. A pharmacist will be able to check for contraindications, regulate timing, avoid one medication, or supplement canceling out the efficacy of another. # 7 will amaze you.

1. Check the expiration date. Almost everything you store in your medicine cabinet—from prescription medications to over-the-counter products and natural remedies, even Hydrogen Peroxide —has an expiration date.  Replace all expired products. See*

2. Keep only what is currently prescribed.  Many supplements half-life the efficacy of prescription med. Again, a pharmacist will be able to help. See*

3. Choose the right place. All medication should be stored out of the reach of children and animals, kept in a cool, dry place, protected from extreme cold, excessive heat, humidity, and direct light.

4. Don’t mix different products. Don’t mix different suppliers or dosages in the same container.

5. Check your medication carefully. Discard all medication that seems altered, whether by taste or smell or if they care changing color or seem to crumble. See*.

6. Check you have your basics. Necessities include acetaminophen, ibuprofen for pain, Benadryl for allergic reactions, a triple antibiotic topical cream for small wounds, decongestant, (like Mucinex), antacids, cough syrup, and baby aspirin in event of symptoms of a heart attack.  A well-stocked medicine cabinet also has hydrogen peroxide, a Neti Pot and Band-Aids, and an ace bandage.

7.Most important is to discard medications properly.  Any police station will take expired medications.  DO NOT throw in the trash or flush down the toilet, as you will contaminate our landfills, our water supply, and the fish cannot use them! If you must throw away mix with kitty litter and package for safe disposal. For more information go to 


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