Say What? Can you honestly answer the following questions?

  1. People seem to be mumbling?
  2. Do you have ringing or tingling in your ears?
  3. Are you asking to repeat yourself?
  4. Do people complain about the TV and radio being too loud?
  5. Do you have difficulty understanding people in a restaurant or crowds?
  6. Can you hear words clearly in a group conversation?
  7. Have you been told you speak too loudly?
  8. Do you hear sounds behind you like an electric car, if you are in a golf cart?
  9. Would you hear a dripping faucet in your house?

If you answer Yes to Any of these questions, please make appointment with an audiologist. The appropriate treatment options will vary based on individual circumstances. Consulting with an audiologist will provide you with the most accurate assessment and guidance regarding your specific situation.

If Hearing Aids are recommended WEAR THEM. If you had diabetes and needed insulin you would take it, right! They can help you with various types and degrees of hearing loss, making sounds louder and clearer. This will make an important difference in your life. Hear Life-Be Safe-Enjoy!

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