Our population is a target for phony treatments and fake contact tracing.
Here are some recommendations, from HealthShare,  to stay safe.

1. Both the FDA and Federal Trade commission have issued warning for countless false ads for essential oils, homeopathic products, ozone, and high dose vitamin therapies, even a “silver solution” that would “cure” COVID. Always check with your personal physician.

2.Fincancial and identity scams have exploded. By August 2020 the FTC had received over 80,00 confirmed reports of fraud related to COVID, stimulus payments, N95 masks resulting in $ 97 million in fraud loss. These “phishing sites” are built to trick thousands of people,  out of both money and personal data. Many are offering free antibody testing to extract  Insurance/Medicare data. Beware of calls, text and emails that ask for your social security number driver’s license number or credit card information. Do NOT Click to open the link. DELETE and dump trash.

3.Fake contact tracers are making random phishing calls saying you have been named as a contact for person testing COVID positive.  REAL contact tracers will ask via text or phone, if you have been in a certain location or have been interacting with a specific person, whose name they must have on file.

3 W’s  Wear Mask     Wash Hands      Watch Distance

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