COVID Survival Kit Refresh!

COVID Survival Kit Refresh!

How is your COVID Survival Kit holding up? Months ago, we all got on the bandwagon to have our COVID survival kits packed and ready. None of us packed enough for this long, right? How depleted has yours become? As we move into colder, darker winter months, let’s refresh.

We need to be aware of long-term effects, everyone is having with the prolonged effects like, isolation.  As we grow up, the cost of our happiness increases. These last months have been a costly period in many lives. We may have routed our happiness through education, having a family, developing social relationships, or even by keeping busy doing various activities. Happiness need not become dependent on someone else, or by doing or obtaining “something” In these stressful times you must find a way embody happiness and you will make better decisions for your life to become more full and  enriched.

 Happiness and kindness are twin sisters of emotion. Mark Twain is attributed with “Kindness is a language that even the deaf can hear and the blind can see”.  Be kind to yourself and share some joy with humanity.  Be a summer solstice in the winter that is coming our way. 

If you need a Survival Kit refresher, the following items should be readily available in your home.

  1. Masks, 1 for each day of week is best, all that can be washed cleaned after every outing.
  2. Good thermometer, offering instant reading and fever warning system.
  3. Medications: acetaminophen for fever, ibuprofen for anti-inflammatory body aches, cough medicine, that includes dextromethorphan.
  4. Hand sanitizer and sanitizer wipes to keep on your person.
  5. Get the 2020 Flu Shot.
  6. Work on building and supporting your immune system, it hasn’t had much to do in these anti-bacterial months.
  7. Fluids, juices and waters that include electrolytes, pushing 60 ounces a day.
  8. Natural honey for that “tickle cough”.
  9. Find a “go-to” mediation for daily stress reduction.
  10. Sun glasses or glasses, act as an extra precaution while social distancing.
  11. Remember 3 W’s   Wear Mask Wash Hands ( HOT soapy water)  Watch Distance.
  12. Most important! Make plans for specific social connections. How do you plan on staying in touch with family, friends, or neighbors, when we are not outside enjoying the summer sun?  Try being the summer solstice for this winter, to as many people as you can. You will reap the rewards. Stay healthy, stay safe. 3W’s!

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