The Power of Your Tribe

The Power of Your Tribe

Post pandemic isolation statistics show, 72 % of Americans over 65 say they know only some or none of their neighbors. 58% say they know some of their neighbors but don’t spend any time with them. We have lost touch with our TRIBE.

Your Tribe is built from the connections of family, friends, new and old, neighbors, card group friends, and volunteer friends. Embracing your tribe will boost your health, happiness, and longevity.

Spend this week becoming embedded in your tribe.

  • Lives saved: When you are embedded in your tribe there will be fewer lives lost. Your tribe will be aware of your activities and needs.
  • Happier aging: older adults who are familiar with their neighbors show a far higher sense of psychological wellbeing.
  • Safer streets: Tight-knit neighborhoods are aware of what is happening.
  • Boosted Wellbeing: People who know are embedded in their lives are generally cheerier, healthier, and spend more time outside.
  • Re-socialize. Smile often call a friend, wave at people, say Hello, try to do random acts of kindness each day.
  • Between the lines: Even in the digital age of hand-held phones most people are happier when they meet in person.

The bottom line: Step outside and start a conversation, befriending your neighbors, embed in your tribe, enjoy a healthier and happier life.

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