When is Yes the Wrong Answer?

When is Yes the Wrong Answer?

Giving is good, but giving yourself away isn’t. How many of us find it just easier to say Yes!  Is a Yes enabling the other person(s) to not do for themselves? Reason out when saying Yes is an impediment to another’s growth and development. This will take practice. Rewards will be a better personal life going forward for you.


1. Remember NO is said out of self-love and protection.

2. Don’t answer right away. Give yourself time to evaluate the situation. Breathe in for the count of 4 and breath out the count of 8. Do that 3 times.

3. Evaluate their need and yours. Do they need help specifically from you or are they calling because they know you always say yes? Do you want to help? Do you have other things planned then?

4. Just because you feel it, doesn’t mean you have to heal it.

5. Ask yourself if you say no, will the person come to serious harm?

6. If you can’t say no on the phone, text it. Sorry I can’t. Keep it short. No story.

7. Be polite and firm. Believe it yourself.

8. Be honest with yourself.

9. Your time in valuable. Protect your down time. You deserve to relax, recharge, and rest. You don’t have to give to others to the point of giving yourself away.

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